Blogging For Business, It’s More Than Just A Social Thing…Anissa Wardell, The Publicists Assistant

If you have a website, you better have a blog! Fill that blog with content. You will know best what your audience will want, if you don’t do a little of everything and then examine what works best for your visitors. Every website will evolve to a certain degree and that is ok. Start with good original content (articles, videos or audios) and good social buttons for people to share the content for you.

No matter what anyone tells you about SEO or optimizing your site for search engines, remember this:

#1 – Content is King! Yes, its an old and overused phrase, but its every bit as important today as it was 5 or more years ago! I firmly believe that written content is where it’s at, but, there are certain niches that an article would not be as appealing to readers as it would be on another. You need to have a plan and determine what is the most important for your readers or potential readers.

Having said that, I also believe that video and audio play a big part in how visitors/readers connect to a blog. I would suggest incorporating audio and video along with your original written posts.

Tag your posts with no more than 7 keywords for each post. If you have an uncategorized category on your blog, CHANGE IT!! Make it the default keyword for your blog, i.e. if your blog is about how to blog, then make your “uncategorized” category Blogging or blog whatever has the higher search volume.

#2 – Set up your feeds through a service like FeedBurner.

#3 – Have your RSS submissions done twice per month (because you will have written a minimum of 3 posts per week, and will have some updating to do!).

#4 – Have an email optin form and a freebie/giveaway! Make sure its worth their subscribing don’t give away junk!

#5 – Have a series of autoresponder emails. Make sure that you have share buttons within your emails.

#6 – Have a product of your own or an affiliate product to promote to your readers and list.

#7 – Have an About page and a Contact page. Make sure that both these pages are filled with information that will make your readers more informed about you or your company, which will make trusting you and thinking of you as “their source” or “the authority” on your topic come more naturally and probably quicker.

#8 – Use social media sites to help you connect with those who want to hear your message. Also, use these sites to monitor what others in your niche are doing.

#9 – Be in the know about what is happening in your niche and be the ONE Making Things Happen in your niche.

#10 – Use social sites to post and link about what you are doing on your blog and to share others information. Helping others will return the same back to you. If you find a great tweet by someone, retweet it. If you are sent a great link or discover one from someone else, share it. Comment on good posts. Its great to tweet them, and you should, but if there is something you can add, you should share it.

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