10 Business Lessons I Learned Watching ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’

  1. Tanta Kringle – have a great product and develop a smart, workable business plan
  2. Winter Warlock – nothing will happen if you never get started…put one foot in front of the other and just START
  3. Tanta, the Elves & Kris Kringle – KNOW your brand
  4. Tanta Kringle – employ a passionate, productive and reliable workforce
  5. Kris Kringle – surround yourself with good, knowledgeable people who ‘have your back” (Old Winter Warlock, Topper, Jessica, animals)
  6. Kris Kringle – get to know your customers VERY well..the better you know them, the better your chances of success
  7. Kris Kringle – there’s no substitute for ‘word of mouth’ advertising/marketing…everyone wants what they do not yet have…the latest and greatest
  8. Kris Kringle, Topper, Winter Warlock, Reindeer, Jessica, Customers – your business will evolve…in part due to your customer’s needs and competition
  9. Burgermeister Meisterburger – you can’t please everyone and not every person is truly a viable customer…buy liability insurance
  10. Santa Claus – exhibit at least some aspects of Servant Leadership…as business people, our business IS PEOPLE…from the top down,develop a service-centric culture
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