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We’re Not Just Another Media Delivery Service

Most media delivery companies do just that – they deliver spots – very fast, and reliably. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in business. But what if the spot is terrible? So bad that even hardened radio veterans say, “Wow that spot is awful.” Here’s the good news…those other media companies can (and do) deliver horrendous ads really fast to a bunch of radio stations within minutes every week. Is there an easy way to tell a client, “Congratulations, you just wasted your money on a lot of radio stations this week”? We didn’t think so, either.

Meet Our Secret Messaging Weapon

His name is Tim Burt…THE “commercial professor“.  Tim has written, recorded, and produced more than 30,000 commercials world wide…and counting. Tim is insanely passionate about treating your spot(s) as if it were his money. Over the past 25 years, Tim has helped develop advertising campaigns for virtually every advertising medium. He’s had to help sell everything from spaghetti sauce, multi-million dollar homes. Tim has created ads for multi-national corporations, all the way down to the “mom & pop shops.” In 2016 alone, Tim devised advertising campaigns for a new machine to prevent disease in livestock, to working on a presidential campaign in Ghana (helping the candidate double their vote total from the prior election).

Advertising is changing at a dizzying pace

“Customer Needs Analysis” questions are outdated, and don’t paint the full picture of what – and where – your advertising should be. Tim will ask you far deeper questions about your business than probably anyone else ever has. The end result is radio advertising that works…and we can prove it. Just ask, and we’ll be happy to give you real-world proof.

Before Deploying Your Spots

Doesn’t it make sense to ensure your advertising is as potent and powerful as it could possibly be…before sending it out to hundreds or thousands of radio stations? This is what we at EG Media Group and Synchronicity believe. In fact, we can’t think of another media group on planet Earth that offers such a service, much less has someone of Tim’s caliber on their staff. Ad messaging via radio, television and digital media does work when you use it properly. And, each media marketing platform has advantages and disadvantages. Placement of the RIGHT message on the right media platform(s) is precisely why we have Tim on our team.

Tim’s passion for coaching isn’t about dispensing information — it’s about transformation

After years in the industry, and encountering countless ineffective commercials on the air and in print, Tim developed a comprehensive approach to commercial creation and production, founded on psychological techniques. His principles are guaranteed to change the way business owners (small & large) and advertising professionals view media advertising and its effectiveness. advertisements. Tim knows the industry every step of the way: how to help clients focus on their unique message; how to write effective commercial copy – quickly and efficiently; how to apply psychology to create money-generating spots; and how to mentor audio talent for better reads that make better commercials.


Phone: 314-795-9262

Tim Burt:

  • Advertising and marketing expert Tim Burt is a broadcasting veteran with 25 years of experience
  • He is an audio producer for radio, television, web, and entertainment venues around the globe, and has worked for some of the industry’s leading corporations, including Clear Channel and CBS
  • Tim has written, voiced, and produced over 30,000 commercials in his career
  • He loves the radio/media industry and is dedicated to sharing his expertise to businesses as well as to agencies, radio & marketing professionals to create effective advertisements and drive revenue

Tim is a global public speaker, international advertising business consultant, founder of, and author of the “Move Your Food” video and consulting course for restaurants.

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