Show & Short Content Advertising

What makes sponsorship on our short content & shows different and affordable?

We keep it simple.  We make it effective. 

Yes – Radio DOES Work…as does television and digital media: key, is having the RIGHT MESSAGE in the RIGHT place/places.  Here’s how we meld your ad messaging with a targeted messaging platform to make your outreach more effective:


First… why work with less than the best? We are blessed to have one of the BEST CONTENT WRITERS in media on our team, Tim Burt, otherwise known as “The Commercial Professor”. With over 30,000 audio and screen spots to his credit, you’ll have his expertise and outsider’s perspective in your corner.


Second… there is simply a targeted audience and an exclusivity aspect to what we do. We match sponsors with shows from a targeted marketing aspect.  Just click on the “Shows” button…and you’ll hear it for yourself. Once a show has aired, your advertising continues to work for you through our easily downloadable database of archived programs and podcasts.


Third…we provide you affordable, targeted exposure because we know consistency is key. Establishing your business as one of our endorsed expert partners has immense value over the course of a 12 month agreement.


Fourth… we can advertise across several show platforms — only — if it makes sense to do so.  For example, if you are in the healthcare field, exposure on both Doctor’s Orders and September Living (our senior show) just might make perfect sense.


Fifth…  we have the ability to handle video production and pre-roll advertising, bundle guest appearances, produce commercials, voice in-show host endorsements, e-marketing, content management, search engine marketing, SMS, social media and SEO all in one package if desired and provided it makes good marketing and fiscal sense to do so.


Lastly… We value your expertise. We can cross-market your brand/company by asking you to guest or advertise on shows other than the one you sponsor.   As part of our team, you’ll discover that we’ll work to market you and your business whenever and wherever we can…acting as an extra networking arm of your business.


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