EG Media Group’s vision is to utilize engaging content to make work & family life more enjoyable…improving business, family & community relationships.

With purpose and integrity, we use technology, multi-media & talent to increase productivity & profitability for business/media industry as well as improve family lifestyle and togetherness.

Our vision and mission is manifested in how we:
Solve problems
Exhibit teamwork & value
Provide a WOW experience
Promote business, family, faith & America
Do what is RIGHT

 Our Team

Scott Ragain:
Scott is founder and CEO of EG Media Group and Liberty Tree Media Group.  If anyone is curious, the “EG” stands for ‘elbow grease’.  Prior to starting EG Radio Marketing in 2011, Scott was a decorated St. Louis Metropolitan Police Officer and a licensed life and health insurance professional.  As a VP at an insurance agency, Scott syndicated two of the agency’s talk radio shows to well over 100 affiliates.   A proponent of servant leadership, Scott creates and positions talk radio programs and short content for success via all the aforementioned platforms.  He is a visionary, a problem-solver and a creator of productive strategic partnerships wherein he derives an infinite amount of pleasure seeing business associates and industry talent reach the pinnacle of their vision of success.  Outside business, his passions include: his faith, enjoying the company of his children and grandchildren, music, reading, history, golf, basketball, fishing, traveling and working on his never-ending ‘honey-do’ list.  His hero is also the love of his life, Martina, who suffers from MS…but refuses to allow the affliction to define her.  

Tim Burt:
Tim has written and produced over 30,000 commercials for radio and TV.  We are proud to have him on board as our Advertising & Messaging Director.  He is a global advertising and marketing expert and media marketing visionary.  He is recognized as one of THE BEST creative content writers…period.  His commercials obtain results for advertisers. He has literally been all over the world teaching media entities, corporations and small businesses how to obtain high ROI on their radio and TV advertising. See www.commercialprofessor.com and www.advertisingseminar.com .  Tim spends a lot of his free time renovating a Greyhound bus which will be a “moving studio & home” during future national touring and training events.

Bill ‘Shoe’ Smith
Shoe is a consummate and extremely creative producer.  He has provided our show hosts with a very high degree of aptitude as it relates to their roles in producing an engaging and professional talk radio show.  Shoe is the recipient of numerous industry awards and he’s worked with talent at Premiere and Westwood One.  Love of family and music are important to Bill.  Additionally, he operates a phenomenal franchise in St. Louis providing fun tours and event facilitation in the St. Louis Region for groups be they large or small, business, family or organizations.  See www.trikkestl.com to learn more.  Believe me…it is REALLY fun!

Theodore Sloan
Theodore Sloan, originally from Chicago and an avid Cubs fan, is an experienced television industry producer who, with his wife and children, relocated to St. Louis to be closer to family.  Possessing a high level of professionalism, leadership and creativity, Theodore’s credits include, but are not limited to: “Vegas Confessions” and “New York Confessions”, “Taildaters”, “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader”, “The Glee Project”, “Restaurant Stakeout”, “Cutthroat Kitchen”, “The Pyramid” and many other shows/film. He is also Exec. Producer at Fat Chimp Studios, St. Louis. 

Sean Mulroney

Sean is our Director of Podcasting.  He (and the MAN upstairs) is the driving force behind the growth of www.teensofamerica.net  and a man who works hard every day to save teen lives in America and beyond…from addiction, from bullying, from making poor life choices.  He has spoken to over 50,000 teens and he reaches many more via his online media, radio show and podcast…which is also partially produced by teens!  He knows podcast audio very well and we are blessed to have such a leader on our team.  A family man with young children and a lovely wife, Sean focuses on enjoying his family, becoming physically fit and he’s there 24/7 for teens around the world who seek his non-judgmental help.    


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